Barbarian Food

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Barbaric Feasting!

This is from Tacitus’ Germania, describing the barbarians of his time (circa 98 A.D.), to the east of the Rhine and north of the Danube.
A liquor for drinking is made of barley or other grain, and fermented into a certain resemblance to wine. The dwellers on the river-bank also buy wine. Their food is of a simple kind, consisting of wild fruit, fresh game, and curdled milk….

Their use of wild fruit and fresh game (mentioned first by Tacitus), suggests a modified “caveman” or “paleo” diet.

  1. kortoso says:

    Here is the original Latin: “Potui humor ex hordeo aut frumento, in quandam similitudinem vini corruptus. Proximi ripae et vinum mercantur. Cibi simplices; agrestia poma, recens fera, aut lac concretum. Sine apparatu, sine blandimentis, expellunt famem. Adversus sitim non eadem temperantia. Si indulseris ebrietati suggerendo quantum concupiscunt, haud minus facile vitiis, quam armis vincentur. ”

    What is “lac concretum”? The ancient Romans had cheese.

  2. kortoso says:

    It looks like “lac concretum” points to clotted milk, or something that the Vikings called “skyr”. Might be worthwhile/fun to look up a recipe.

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