Move Natural

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Stone-Age Bodybuilding

The reason we “need” exercise is that we have been spending our time inventing labor-saving devices, and now sit at work, or if we don’t, we repeat the same motions all day long, then we sit in our cars, drive home, sit in our couches… get the picture?

MovNat, to my understanding, simply puts us back in the environment where we were before we had so many labor saving devices.

From the MovNat webpage: “Human beings possess locomotive skills such as walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, or swimming. In addition to locomotive skills, human beings also utilize manipulative skills such as lifting, carrying, throwing, and catching, and combative skills, such as striking or grappling.”

So in the class, we went through each one of these, and explored the variations in each one. For the walking portion (which served as a warmup), we walked across the park and Brian, the instructor, guided us on a fantasy (as children might) – this time we were in Jurassic Park. So we crouched as we walked, looked right and left for dinosaurs, walked backwards, over “boulders” and stooped as we entered a “cave”, then pretended to ford a river, leaping from rock to rock.

My favorite was the climbing portion, although my shoulders were giving me problems.

I think that is worthy of further investigation. This concept could be applied to a walk in a city park, especially if there is a parcourse installed, or in a nearby wilderness or semi-wilderness trail.

This certainly something that dovetails very well with the concept of the Paleo Diet, and the Paleo Lifestyle. Ogg would approve.


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