Turkeys in the Mist

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Bred to the Wilderness, Stone-Age Bodybuilding

Turkeys in the mist.

I spent my Sunday morning hiking in the wilderness. As usual, when I’m not a Sherpa to other hikers, I went off-trail. This time, I deliberately followed a game trail up a narrow wash, mindful that I would have to thrash through dense underbrush.
As I went up, I remembered a recent MovNat class in a park, where we walked over even ground with mowed grass, and tried to pretend we were stepping over obstacles and under tree branches and the like.

And it hit me: that was an abstract and theoretical “exercise” – this wasn’t even exercise, I was moving up the slope, trying to get clear of the undergrowth. It wasn’t a game; I was contending with Nature as my wild barbarian forebears once did.

I also did pullups on a tree-branch, thick with moss, and I did clean and jerks with a boulder of unknown poundage.


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