More Creeping and Crouching

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Bred to the Wilderness, Uncategorized

For a wilderness-bred barbarian, from a thousand generations of barbarians, ordinary walking – stealthy without thinking about it – is one “gait”, or mode of walking.

On the other hand, when you’re trying to sneak up to some mountain beast that you intend to carve into your dinner, or some monstrosity from the outer void that has some juicy wench in its clutches…

Where were we? Sneaking up on something with utmost quiet and care.

As you move forward, lift one foot off of the ground. Move it forward to the place where you intend to set it down. Now, slowly lower it until your heel begins to make contact with the ground. Your weight is STILL on one foot.

Gradually roll your foot forward until the whole sole of your foot is in contact with the ground.

NOW slowly transfer your weight onto that foot.

It’s a good exercise, even if your need for stealth is not that extreme.

  1. kortoso says:

    Let me share a few exercises to make it easier for you to attain these stealth skills.

    One of the harder things about walking really slowly and stealthily is the effort it takes to lift one foot, in a half-crouch on one foot, and above all, taking your time in that awkward position…

    This where the somewhat famous exercise known as the “Pistol” may come in handy. It’s simple. Just point one foot out in front of you, and squat down on the other leg. If you’re new to this, then don’t go all the way down in your squat. But you are buff and swole, go right ahead and give me full squats on one leg!

    Another issue is balance. This is where “everyday exercise” is helpful. If you are walking down a city sidewalk, put your barbarian feet on the curb. It’s about as wide as your feet. Just walk it as far as you can go without falling into the gutter. Unless you like that sort of stuff.
    But play around with testing your balance wherever you have the chance.

    Also, t’ai ch’i. Yes! It seems a little strange to be among the tofu and sprouts crowd, when your intent is to kill and eat Bambi.

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