Working Out by the Light of a Barbarian Moon

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Stone-Age Bodybuilding

I’ve long enjoyed doing lifts with my favorite stones in my backyard at night, with the light of the moon shining down on the glistening primeval rock.

But lately I have been thinking about a concept in sport conditioning that we call “periodization“. Typically, this involves a yearly competition or sports season; the days and months that lead up to that date are focused around preparing that athlete for that season. Certain physical attributes take longer to develop than others; one attribute also builds upon another. The result is supposed to be an athlete in the prime of his or her condition, just at the time that the competition demands it.

For “casual” (non-competitive) athletes it’s also a reasonable tactic to break up the training so neither the athlete’s mind nor their body becomes stale and adapted to routine.

Would our atavistic barbarian (perhaps ourselves) have some ritual ordeal that was performed in time with the natural rhythm of the seasons? Maybe he’d turn his eyes toward the phases of the moon, something that anyone living outdoors would be constantly watching and wondering what was up there?

Astrologers today suggest that certain processes should be saved for specific phases of the moon. During the moon’s waxing phases (from New Moon up to Full Moon), we are supposed to do things that involve increase, beginning new enterprises, planting seeds, etc. As the light of the moon increases, so should your hopeful endeavor; in this case, hopefully building strength. This covers about two weeks.

The waning phases (from the Full Moon through to the next New Moon), are involved with decrease, removing and ending things, and so on. As the light of the moon fades, so should an undesirable item or quality.

I am not entirely sure what to do with the waning phase, but since many of us have weight to lose in various areas, and since it’s intelligent to augment weight training with cardio training as well, let’s experiment with dedicating the second two weeks of this cycle with running and the like.


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